Painful rescue of teenager stranded with heatstroke in Pilar caves in Palma

a young man from 24 years old and weighs about 120 pounds suffered this saturday He passed out when he was in Cuevas del Pilar. Palm.

The victim appears to have heat stroke prevented him from moving. Palma Firefighters came to the rescue. Given the complexity of the evacuation, required the services of his helicopter Civil Guard.

events occurred It’s quarter past three this Saturday afternoon. A 24-year-old man called the emergency room after feeling it. While in Cuevas del Pilar, he is dizzy and unable to move, in Palma. donations Palma FirefightersThose from sa Teulera and the central parks moved around the place. They high weightabout 120 kilos, posing serious problem in service to bale To evacuate him in such a narrow space.

Firefighters launched a series of operations. ropes and ropes to try to move the affected. However, yesIts state of health and size make evacuation extremely difficult. Firefighters needed the assistance of a Civil Guard helicopter to try to lift the young man onto the plane to minimize the risks.

Source: Informacion


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