Celebrities have been targeted for performing lately short-haul flights with your private jetsA fact that supports contamination results in an expendable type of transport.

It had already happened a few weeks ago with Kylie Jenner, who received a barrage of criticism for posting a photo on her Instagram of her partner Travis Scott appearing next to her two private jets: “Would you like to go to mine or yours?

The criticism was palpable as the celebrities traveled by jet to California (United States), a journey that took about 12 minutes and which, for example, could have been perfectly done by car.

But the real problem with these private jets is, disproportionate impact on the environment. Jets are the worst offenders of emissions per passenger, as there are more passengers on a commercial airplane and the total emissions are somewhat ‘equivalent’, but this is not the case with a private jet.

Taylor Swift, the most polluting jet

According to a Yard study, most polluting celebrity Taylor Swift is included in CO2 emissions from private jet travel from early 2022.

After researching more than 1,500 flights through Celebrity Jets, a record of all-star private jets, it was concluded that even Kylie Jenner didn’t make the “top 10” list of the most polluting jets, but Travis Scott was number ten. .

Like this, Taylor Swift tops the listIt’s a fact that resonates a lot and quickly resonates on networks, as worrying numbers directly impact the environment and the message of recycling or reducing the use of plastics can be hypocritical for users.

“I recycle trash and go shopping with a car to avoid plastic bags. By the way, Taylor Swift posted in a year. 8,200 tons CO2 on private flights, 1,100 times more than the annual emissions of the average citizen. Climate change is rich”, commented user @pablom_m.

However, after the study’s publication and media coverage, the celebrity’s rep revealed that Taylor’s jet was “regularly loaned out to other people.” It is clearly wrong to attribute most or all of these trips to him.

Study Results

Yard data reveals that each celebrity emits an average of 3,376.64 tons of CO2 emissions from just using their private jet in 2022, which is 482.37 times more than the average person’s annual emissions (the average person emits 7 tons of CO2 per year). They also noted that the average flight time was just 71.77 minutes, with an average of 66.92 miles (about 106 kilometers) traveled per flight.