Bloomberg: Swiss equipment exports to Russia increase due to sanctions

According to Swiss customs, in May and June 2022, the export of equipment from the country to the Russian Federation increased sharply due to the desire of manufacturers to have time to fulfill the obligations signed before the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. This has been reported Bloomberg.

The publication states that exports of turbojet and turboprop engines, as well as other gas turbines, ranged from 1 million Swiss francs ($1.04 million) to 2.5 million francs per month between January and April 2022.

The agency emphasizes that Switzerland’s export volume to Russia (492 million francs) in June was 83% higher than in January. This happened due to the sale of pharmaceuticals, drugs, diagnostic products.

Previously, it was known that Turkish goods will be exported to Russia in June 2022, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. showed In the face of sanctions from European countries and a decrease in the volume of supplies to the Russian Federation, a sharp increase reached 46% compared to June last year.

The volume of products imported from this country increased by 52% compared to the previous month and became 791.4 million dollars, while it was 519 million dollars in May.

Source: Gazeta


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