French farmers are angry about imports from Ukraine 19:03

Mass protests continue in France by farmers dissatisfied with increasing imports of food products, including from Ukraine. The radio station reports this France Blue.

Protesters are blocking roads, dumping fertilizer near administrative buildings and demanding the protection of domestic producers. French farmer Florian Gaultier complained to the publication that 80% of goods at the largest French chain, Lidl, are imported. According to him, while France exports half of its poultry meat production, it currently accounts for 50 percent of its imports.

“At this rate, the country will lose its food independence within three years,” warned the agriculturalist. He added that farmers have to comply with many government mandates that make their business difficult.

Gaultier is furious that cheap Ukrainian chicken is being imported into the country while French farms lie idle. According to him, farmers are forced to observe long sanitary pauses between batches of poultry, which significantly reduces income.

Protests continue in four regions of Brittany. Farmers turn road signs to show that they have to “walk on their heads” to survive.

In Kiev at the beginning of December reported For budget losses due to the “blockade” of the Poles.

Earlier protesters in Chisinau “talented” A bag of fertilizer for the Moldovan Parliament.

Source: Gazeta


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