Guipuzcoa accident | “Aita, I am falling asleep; Please come, my friend is dead.”

Oier MonteroThe 20-year-old is recovering from his injuries these days. He was transferred from the intensive care unit to the Bidasoa Hospital ward on Monday, where he was admitted as an emergency in the early hours of Sunday. His family admits he remembers the tragic accident clearly. He is one of the four young people from Gipuzko who were traveling in the car that was hit by a vehicle with French license plates. He sat in the co-pilot seat in the Ford Orion traveling in the Errenteria version.. Two of his friends, Ander and Iñaki, died. Saray, who travels sitting right behind him, stays in the intensive care unit of Donostia Hospital. He miraculously lives to tell the tale. “He was always conscious. He called me and then spoke to 112 and doctors,” his father told this newspaper. Cesar Montero.

Dramatic moments occurred on the GI-636 highway passing through Lezo Municipality. “Aita, I am falling asleep; Please come, my friend is dead.”. These were his first words on the other end of the phone after the vehicles collided. The friends were returning home at a quarter to four, when a BMW 116 car driven by a 21-year-old Frenchman, heading towards Irun, entered. The vehicle in which he was traveling with two youths on GI-636 went off the road after entering a bend near the Errenteria dustbin. The impact was brutal.

“At first he was worried about one of his friends who had epilepsy. “In those moments, he didn’t realize the outcome, the true meaning that everything would have,” his father says. Oier was taken to Bidasoa Hospital by ambulance. His family did not tell him the news of his friends’ death until Monday afternoon.

The doctor advised him to forget his mobile phone and try not to read accident news. However, it is impossible to ignore such a tragedy. And even more so when it is friends who give up their lives. “He was coming to ask. We tried to distract him, but we couldn’t hide it any longer,” says the father, who relived the events through his son’s story, about the attack of the car with French license plates on the Ford Orion in which the four Gipuzko people were traveling.

The collision occurred on the left side of the car, causing the driver Ander and Iñaki to be hit, as well as their friends traveling in the backseat. Despite the intervention of paramedics, he died at the scene of the accident.

“He had to get out the window and crawled into the ditch.”

Oier escaped danger. His spleen and appendix were removed. His ribs were compressed due to the pressure exerted by the seat belt, which undoubtedly saved his life. His father says, “Everywhere hurts, but the tests came back positive and there is no bleeding.” The medical team treating him has already removed the tube.

“He was the co-pilot. He tried to open the doors after the crash, but all you have to do is see what the car is like. This was not possible and he had to climb out the window. “He crawled towards the gutter and that’s when he called me,” the father details. The boy immediately called 911.

These were the times when the father tried to contact his son again, but his mobile phone was busy. “He explained that some vehicles were driving around after the accident, but they did not stop; “Even the scooter driver who passed the scene of the accident made a bad gesture and continued on his way,” he said.

Ertzaintza launched an investigation to clarify the circumstances in which the tragic traffic accident occurred. The arrested 21-year-old driver is charged with an offense against road safety and another with murder due to serious negligence. “The boy told us that first one of the three Frenchmen traveling in the car tried to escape down the embankment, and then the three of them got together in the car and argued as if they were trying to figure out how it happened. to escape the scene of a head-on collision.”

A short time later, a French woman stopped the vehicle she was driving towards Irun at the scene of the accident. She said to the person next to her at the first moment: “Please don’t leave me!” she begged.

Medical teams arrived at the scene in a short time and attended to the injured. Despite resuscitation maneuvers performed by paramedics, Ander and Iñaki, aged 22 and 20, died, while others involved were aided and evacuated to Donostia hospital and, like Oier, to Bidasoa district hospital with varying degrees of injuries. gravity

A few minutes later, the father was able to reestablish telephone contact with his son. “I was then able to speak to a healthcare worker and he told me he was conscious, as well as could be.”

The young man, a resident of Blas de Lezo Street in Pasai Antxo, reported that shortly after the head-on collision at dawn, he heard his friend Saray shout: “Negro – the nickname by which his friends know him – help me, help me.” ! The boy could see the steering wheel of the Ford Orion leaning against the seat, but Oier could not see Ander, the driver. I heard screams of pain. Smoke started to come out. He went out the window as best he could. Now come, my friends, say my friends.

Oier has the support of her sisters these days. Luckily, it’s a large family. “We have a mixed feeling because Oier is recovering, but we are also very sorry for what the other families are going through. We hope the Palace will move forward and of course the responsibilities will be resolved. We don’t want to say anything more because so much has already been said,” says the father, saying goodbye.

Source: Informacion


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