Personal income tax bill could cost 120 million more for 350,000 self-employed workers

tax authorities calculates this will stop collecting about 120 million euro with 5% discount in modules for calculating income tax (personal income tax) by the self-employed and the special simplified VAT regime. But this means: This group consists of: approximately 350,000 freelancers and professionalsExcept for those engaged in agricultural activities, approximately 120 million more payments will be made if the ministerial decision is maintained when it is published soon 5% reduction instead of 10% in 2023.

Calculation of collection loss is included in the draft ministerial decree, whose comment period has just ended. The overall reduction has been halved from the 10 percent set for 2023 and 15 percent in 2022, and these are included to mitigate the effects of the covid pandemic. The 5 percent reduction means the withdrawal of the measure that has been in place since 2009.

Currently, approximately 350,000 self-employed workers and professionals use this income calculation system to pay personal income tax. a bar to a storeThese are activities in which a lot of cash is used and the Tax Office has difficulty calculating actual sales. With this method, which causes losses to taxpayers, the performance at which the business has to pay personal income tax is calculated based on a set of predetermined parameters. direct prediction It is based on the difference between income and expenses from other businesses and economic activities. The module system has been in effect for seven years transition process because the ultimate goal is to suppress it.

border maintenance

To benefit from this method, the limits set so far are expected to be maintained: not exceeding or exceeding the income threshold of 250,000 euros in 2023 for self-employed workers selling directly to individuals. 125,000 Euros if they invoice the companies.

According to the Tax Office’s calculations, 58.9 million of the total income loss of 120 million will correspond to the state, the other 60.1 million will correspond to autonomous communities, and 1.2 million will correspond to local organizations. the current regional financing system and the law regulating local treasuries.

In agricultural activities, a method has been determined by which around 800,000 taxpayers will pay taxes, according to the latest published 2021 data. 35% decrease in agricultural diesel purchase price in 2024 And 15% of the fertilizer purchase price“It will be applied to net returns determined using the objective estimation method of personal income tax, insofar as it is necessary for the development of agricultural and livestock activities.”

This measurement for area, 68.8 million revenue impact millions. Of the total amount, 36.7 million euros will be allocated to the discount on the purchase price of agricultural diesel, and 32.1 million euros will be allocated to the discount on the purchase price of fertilizer.

The draft order also includes other measures with a lower tax collection impact, such as reducing the net income calculated by the objective estimation method of personal income tax for self-employed people and taxpayers by 20% by modules. palm islandHe was affected by the volcano’s eruption. Advantages of economic activities in the Murcian city Lorça Due to the 2011 earthquake.

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