Bloomberg: After Hungary, EU countries bow to Russia’s demands to pay for natural gas in rubles

reviewers Bloomberg John Follein and Alberto Nardelli said some European leaders are now leaning towards an “indefinite agreement” that would allow supplies to continue through an important pipeline to Hungary and other countries.

“EU member states are not keeping their promises to hurt the most painful point. [России]: the lucrative energy industry. The focus was on Hungary’s refusal to support the sanctions, but other countries are bowing to Putin’s requests to pay gas in rubles.

It is worth noting that the issue is not only in Hungary – a European minister recently admitted that it is regrettable that some operators open accounts in rubles, contrary to what they publicly announced.

According to Follein and Nardelli, there is a split between the Western and Eastern members of the European Union – on the issues of supply to Kiev and dialogue with Moscow.

old Budapest suggested The European Union should impose an embargo on offshore oil resources from Russia instead of those on land for the economies of the union countries to function normally.

Also, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declarationThe fact that the sanctions against Russia were effective “only on paper”, in reality the “failed” that initiated the continental blockade.

Source: Gazeta


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