Trump said he threatened NATO allies with not helping Russia during his tenure.

Former US President Donald Trump said at a meeting with his supporters in Wyoming that he had threatened NATO allies with cutting aid against Russia during his tenure. DEA News”.

According to him, he threatened to do so due to the refusal of the countries of the alliance to increase their military spending to 2% of GDP.

Does this mean that if we don’t make the full payment and Russia attacks us, you won’t be defending us? I had to give them this answer because otherwise they wouldn’t have paid. “Yeah, we won’t protect you if you don’t pay. <...> If that happens, you’re on your own,” Trump said.

He noted that he had achieved his goal.

“And money flowed like a river – billions and billions. After all, 430 billion – billions of dollars, not millions of dollars – has accumulated, ”Trump summed up.

Former US President Donald Trump declarationHe said all efforts should now be directed towards negotiations on the situation around Ukraine, so as not to result in “millions of casualties”.

Source: Gazeta


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