Amnesty awaits mobilized offenders

In the case of mobilization, fines imposed on a person for violating traffic rules are paused. Such a draft resolution is already under consideration in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

It is proposed to “discontinue the implementation of decisions on the imposition of administrative sanctions against citizens of the Russian Federation who have entered into a contract of military service in connection with conscription for mobilization in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. committed offenses under Chapter 12 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses.”

“Currently, civilians to be mobilized are sent to military training camps after receiving a draft call and undergoing a medical examination. At the same time, the period between passing the medical commission and leaving for the training camp is often less than a day. In this regard, mobilized citizens do not have the possibility to pay administrative fines. Information about the violation may come after the citizens are sent to the training camp, and they may not find out about the fines,” the document said.

That is, we are not talking about writing off or withdrawing fines, but delaying the implementation of decisions until three months after the amnesty is announced, so that a person has more time to pay them.

Source: Z R


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