Five arrested in Malaga in a conspiracy to falsify 8m euros in 500 banknotes

12 people were arrested in the operation against the terrorist organization. most important and active laboratory Europe production of the last ten years fake 500 euro bills. The research, with its epicenter in Alicante, also reached Malaga. 2 people searched, 5 people arrested accused of acting as petty distributors of counterfeit money. Barcelona, ​​Teruel and Valencia were also involved in an investigation launched in the middle of last year after high-quality counterfeit purple banknotes were detected in circulation in most of the national territory.

Bank of Spain Investigation Brigade, coin counterfeiting as the National Central Office, a large number of criminal acts connected with the distribution of counterfeit banknotes and the resulting identify the prime suspect, a man who was already arrested in 2009 for similar acts. “The new fake invoice had a lot in common with what was made at the time, the printer had a high level of knowledge in graphic arts,” the National Police said in a statement on Thursday.

Mossos d’Esquadra of the Central Currency Counterfeiting Unit found a bag containing 500 counterfeit bills worth more than 4,000,000 euros in a town near Barcelona. The expert report, conducted by the Bank of Spain’s National Analysis Center, confirmed that It was the same fraud. One of the first steps was to send the notes found in Barcelona to Scientific Police experts to identify who could access them. This allowed identification of the printer and five more people, most of whom were from the immediate environment.

Members of the group met in Picasent prison sentenced to prison for different crimes and maintaining their friendship after getting out of prison. The printer reassembled them in a warehouse in Valencia, where he set up a new graphics lab. During nearly three months of production, each performing different functions (cleaning machines, purchasing different materials, etc.), it printed counterfeit notes worth around 8,000,000 Euros. Allegedly this money was for the commission of different criminal activities such as buying drugs.

The person investigated lives with his wife and young daughter and has been leading an empty life since his release from prison. During this time he gathered materials and, after setting up the laboratory, reunited this group to start another process for producing counterfeit notes. Banknotes continued to enter different cities in small quantities.

With the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, production continued to be paralyzed with the inability to order new supplies from China. According to the investigation, this caused them to move the lab to a warehouse near Alfaz del Pi (Alicante), near the printer’s home. was about rather inconspicuous premises used only to store the laboratory, while finding a new warehouse for production: “The printer felt pretty safe there and then regularly appeared on internet portals to repair the tools it sold.”

The agents discovered that the group was seeking refinancing with the idea of ​​relocating the lab and starting the production process of the banknotes. Initially they considered Brazil, but in the end they chose France. Investigators benefited from the operation with simultaneous arrests in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona and Malaga, where six houses, two industrial buildings and a caravan were registered in Teruel, along with all the information gathered and the ship of printing materials found. .

The investigation, coordinated by Europol, was supervised by the Investigation Court No. 4 of Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona), and entries and searches were conducted in Xirivella, Sagunto, Altea, La Nucía, Terriente, Sant Cugat del Vallés and Cervelló. In addition to Malaga. The detainees were referred to the courthouse as part of the main investigation, including counterfeit money and belonging to a criminal group, going to prison, the oppressor and the leader of the group.

Source: Informacion


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