“Night Wolves” is developing a Russian motorcycle that will replace foreigners

In connection with the suspension of foreign motorcycle supply, the Night Wolves biker club is preparing to introduce a motorcycle of its own design to the Russian market. This was told to socialbites.ca by the head of the Night Wolves club Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon).

“We need our own motorcycle and this work is already in full swing, let people have a little patience. Russia will have its own motorcycle, I promise you!” – the interlocutor told socialbites.ca.

According to the leader of the Night Wolves club, the engine of his own design for the new Russian motorcycle is already 85% ready. In addition, a team of engineers has been created and soon the prototype of the bike will be presented to the public.

“What we managed to save was made by engineers from God,” Zaldostanov continued.

to touch Answers Emphasizing that foreign companies should suspend the supply of motor vehicles to Russia, Zaldostanov emphasized that in the new economic conditions, Russia can only rely on itself in terms of production.

“Everything. We have passed the point of no return. We will not only have to give up imported motorcycles, but also for our great happiness we will have to give up many things and rely only on ourselves, ”the leader of Russian bikers summarized

Formerly socialbites.ca Wrote About the current state of the motorcycle market in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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