Russia’s Supreme Court recognized electric scooters as vehicles

Russia’s Supreme Court has upheld the provision of the Rules of the Road (SDA) that allows electric scooters to qualify as vehicles. This has been reported TASS referring to the court.

The card of the case, in which the plaintiff objected to the traffic rules article, contains the phrase “Refusal to fulfill the request”.

In support of his claims, the plaintiff argued that only vehicles that require a driver’s license should be included in the vehicle category.

The attorney general’s representative stated that the law cannot provide a complete list of vehicles. However, electric scooters can be classified as vehicles due to their speed of movement.

The court’s decision has not yet entered into force and can be appealed to the court of appeal.

Earlier, it was reported that there is a demand for electric scooters in Russia. increased by 235%.

Also in the fall, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in your name Number of accidents involving electric scooters.

Source: Gazeta


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