“One follower, four likes.” Testing both clones of Instagram*


Now an analogue of Instagram (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organization), which (differently) “Rossgram” was never released) is already running in beta mode and can be used by everyone. The social network almost completely copies the interface of Instagram – so far without “stories” and private messages.

The founder of the service is the former developer of Yandex products – KinoPoisk, Yandex.Music and Yandex.Cloud – Dmitry Marinin.

“The current core team is hard-nosed, persistent, forward-thinking and technically experienced,” the project description says.

Now the developers have shared the first results – as of March 29, the number of registered users exceeded the current figure. 40 thousand people.

The American social network in Russia was visited on approx. 40 million peopleWrote RBC With a link to Mediascope data.

The Now app is available for Android and iOS systems on the project’s official website, but the iPhone tester threshold has been reached, so now only new Android users can use the social network.

As in the case of Rosgram, users only found matches or outright plagiarism in the functionality of the service – for example, the Now logo is confusingly similar to the Warner Music Group logo.


For Russian users, another social network analogue of the banned service, Sadnogram, has been launched. Its main feature is a black and white filter that is applied to absolutely all photos, including avatars. The slogan of the black and white service is “Social network for the sad”.

“We are very sorry that many high-quality and popular services have stopped working in Russia for various reasons. And how much sadder than something rare <...> sometimes they try to make it look like import substitution. We created Sadnogram together to grieve this and support each other, – says in the official community “Grustnogram”, on the page “VKontakte”.

Unlike Now, Sadnogram works for everyone on PCs and smartphones, but only in the web version. Sadnogram is expected to appear on Android smartphones in the first days of April, but on iPhone, the service will have to wait.

The authors of the project also announced that by the evening of March 29, more than 50,000 users had managed to sign up for Sadnogram.


After signing up, Now and Sadnogram users will immediately go to the home page – post feed.

Sadnogram, as the name suggests, has a homepage with a sad-looking feed and recommendations on its homepage. Exclusive black and white photographs and descriptions for them are sustained in a melancholic key.

Now its homepage almost exactly repeats the interface of the Instagram homepage – but its native counterpart is yet neither Stories nor “direct”. The system of suggestions with the image of the ancestor and its likeness has been brought to a separate tab. In this case, the page will be completely blank until the user subscribes to any of them.


The user profile of “Grustnogram” and Now is made in a similar style – both services directly copy Instagram. You can add a description to the profile, there is also the ability to put links to profiles in other social networks.


A publication in Sadnogram (in addition to the black and white filter) is superimposed with a frame with rounded corners. There is a built-in editor in the spirit of TikTok. Functions include cropping, a brush for drawing, adding text or stickers. You can also add a text description to a snapshot before or after sharing it.

The possibility of downloading videos has also been announced in Sadnogram, but the function is not yet working.

Now you can upload photos with only basic editing tools – crop, flip and annotate.


Sadnogram, which is called “Interesting” on Instagram, does not have a separate tab – all recommendations appear in the main (and only) feed. Searching for other users is possible both on the main page and in the user profile tab – a search engine with the title “search for sorry citizens” is fixed at the top of the screen.

On both social networks you can find profiles of Pavel Durov – probably fake.

There is now an “Interesting” tab where there is a chance to find content with cats. There are no neural networks and complex algorithms to search for content from Now or Sadnogram. Or they exist in some form but don’t work.

Followers and likes

The socialbites.ca correspondent tried to post a photo in each of the social networks, the results were disappointing.

In the Sadnogram, the photo did not receive a single like, or rather, did not like – a broken heart was drawn as a “like” sign.

In Now, no activity was noticed under a new snapshot. At the same time, in general, one subscriber on the profile and four likes per day on another photo were noticed.


“Grustnogram” at this stage works in the browser, so nothing can be said about the presence of a notification system.

Notifications appear in Now – if only there was something to report.


At the current stage, Now and Sadnogram appear to be a parody of Instagram, while the latter service at least has a conceptual feel, with black and white content.

The hype should end soon, and the Now subscriber risks being alone.

After blocking Instagram* In Russia, enthusiasts began to create domestic analogues of the service. Currently, there are two working versions, each with its own characteristics – Now and “Grustnogram”. A socialbites.ca reporter tested both platforms to see if they could replace the world-renowned service. Spoiler alert – they can’t.

Source: Gazeta


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