‘Immortal Devil’ is set to receive an expansion pack full of space and rewards

After getting a number of minor updates and some balance changes, The ‘Diablo Immortal’ supervisor has completed the production of the ‘Forgotten Nightmares’ expansion pack. and they will release it later this week, exactly September 28. With the release of the content pack, Blizzard is adding a generous amount of content to the video game, including the new Quiet Monastery maze and the Cyrangar Castle area that offers great rewards. According to the developer, the new old weapon system It will benefit all members of the same group.

Forgotten Nightmares

While playing Purge from the depths of Cyrangar Castle and its defenses, you will have the opportunity to find the Ancient Weapons. To take advantage of your power, place them on the altar of their ancestorsa special table bonuses for strength, intelligence and other attributes everyone playing together. In addition to the bonus features, if you’re wearing summoning gear, you’ll also be able to use the special powers of the warband’s ancient weapons. The update will also mark the debut of the fifth season of ‘Diablo Immortal’ called ‘Scions of the Storm’. will present New battle pass with a total of 40 ranks with challenges and rewardsamong others such as crests, aces or legendary jewels.

New raid boss

Blizzard also confirmed the arrival of Deformed Izilech as the new ‘Diablo Immortal’ raid boss. He is known to have defied Diablo and survived, but his body remained twisted and battered. Now everyone knows him as Deformed. tortured soul condemned to live on a ship tax.

If your battle rating is 6175 or higher, form a group of adventurers and talk to Rayek in front of the Einfrinn Tree in Westmarch, starting at 03:00 on October 2nd server time, to face the Warp. If you manage to sign the end of the legend book, you will find the crown of the Iranians among its ruins as a reward. You gain 30 if you place this item in the top slot of the infernorium. degree of war and a 10% movement speed increase on challenge failures.

The game will also receive a limited event called “Purging the Darkness” which will run from September 28 to October 19. In it, players will be invited to explore the areas of Silent Monastery and Cyrangar Castle for new rewards, including a brand new greeting emoticon. On top of that, it adds ‘Forgotten Nightmares’ legendary jewels and equipmentan updated bestiary and more pages for the hero’s journey, among other things.

The return of the hungry moon

This time the way to respond to the bloodthirsty howl of the moon is different. You will be able to complete up to three missions per day at the same time (server time) from October 6 at 03:00 to October 10. This will allow you to obtain the power of the astrolabe, which will provide one of the following. two blessings with unique benefits.

Blessing of Magic gives a bonus to magic exploration, increasing your chances of getting rare, magical or legendary items when destroying monsters. Blessing of Might lets you earn Moonshards by completing dungeons (doubles if done in a group). And since the moon is a generous being, you can activate two blessings at once.

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