Hide Whatsapp “Online” status: How to enable new invisible mode?

Since What’s up? joyfulcame into our lives in 2009, many of them instant messaging app applied in practice over the years to improve the experience of its users.

maybe The most famous of these updates was the music.. We all have a friend or family member who no longer bothers to write a single letter and simply communicates on Whatsapp. endless voice memos, although many complain about this functionality. Then came the possibility r in answer to many prayers.reproduce these sounds at higher speed. And all these improvements in the app, What’s up? The world’s most loved instant messaging app with over 5 billion downloads.

However, WhatsApp was also harshly criticized for these developments. The most controversial update, “double check blue”This allows users to check whether a message has been received and read by the recipient. This has caused complaints among netizens about the lack of “privacy”. And not for the less, ever “You left me in the middle” or “If you’ve read it, why don’t you reply?” was it said?

Next would come the possibility of disabling the “double blue tick” in the WhatsApp configuration. But the app’s latest innovation goes even further. We tell you what it consists of and how to configure it on your device.

The latest WhatsApp update finally lets you hide that you’re “online”. This innovation in the instant messaging application has been one of the most anticipated by users for a long time, and it is here.

Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new functionality of Whatsapp that users can use last August. hide your “Online” connection status within the appIt also allows choose which people can see a user online and which can’t.

dir-dir The new feature has already been implemented among certain users of the beta version of the Whatsapp application for. Android In versions and In other words, currently only beta users or testers will be able to access it through the app Settings. they can do it there choose which people to give access to, both in their last connection and in their ‘Online’ status.

In this case, the new WhatsApp privacy permissions go hand in hand and it will be up to the user to make a list with the people they want to grant that permission to.

Although for now, This WhatsApp privacy update is only available for beta users.The developers hope it will reach all devices in a few weeks.

For To hide the “Online” status of WhatsApp, you will need to access the “Settings” section of the application, select the “Account” section and enter the “Privacy” section. We find one ina tab to put “last connection time” or “last connection time” and there you will be able to choose who can see it when you are online.

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