Taiwan wants to force Foxconn to stop investing in Chinese chip manufacturing

Taiwan’s national security officials want to persuade Foxconn, one of the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturers, to abandon an $800 million investment in Chinese semiconductor developer Tsinghua Group. seen on the Financial Times website.

Prior to that, the Taiwanese government had threatened Foxconn with a fine of NT$25 million (approximately $830,000). However, apparently, the electronics manufacturer was not convinced by this argument, and now the peninsula’s authorities are planning to resort to more drastic measures. Taiwan’s National Security Council plans to block the deal between Foxconn and Tsinghua Group, according to a Financial Times source.

“This [сделки] definitely not,” an insider quotes the publication.

Taipei believes Foxconn is undermining trust between the US and Taiwan by investing in China’s semiconductor industry. Foxconn’s investment is believed to help strengthen China’s technological dominance.

Formerly socialbites.ca WroteHe said the US has invested more than $50 billion in its own semiconductor industry due to tensions over Taiwan.

Source: Gazeta


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