Blogger posted Minecraft on YouTube and was blocked

Popular streamer IShowSpeed ​​claimed that his channel was banned from YouTube after streaming Minecraft live with mods to 90,000 viewers. This has been reported Dexerto.

According to the post, on July 21, the blogger released an adult Minecraft mod that could violate the rules of the video service. IShowSpeed ​​itself later admitted that the content was not suitable for child audiences of the original game, but continued to stream.

The next day, IShowSpeed ​​posted a story on Instagram (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organization). “I’m banned guys, goodbye,” the blogger wrote. He also posted a screenshot of his YouTube post. Indicates that the live feature of the channel is disabled.

Dexerto felt that the blogger was exaggerating the blocking. He claims he can no longer stream, but judging by the screenshot, the restriction will only be in effect for two weeks. Journalists concluded that this was the penalty each channel suffered when it received a second warning from YouTube.

Previously on Twitch service forbidden Transgender streamer Clara keffals after reading examples of insults to Sorrenti on a live stream.

Source: Gazeta


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