Pavel Durov went to Kyrgyzstan with a Russian blogger 11:48

Telegram’s founder and president Pavel Durov visited the city of Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. The reason for his arrival was not disclosed, but according to, he may be interested in investing in a major project.

According to the publication’s sources, Kyrgyz authorities want to attract Durov as an investor in the Three Peaks ski resort, which was implemented by the state enterprise Kyrgyz Courchevel. The main participant of the project is the French company Société des Trois Vallées (S3V), but Durov’s presence not only strengthens the investment potential, but also contributes to the attraction of additional capital and advertising support.

Sources also point to the possible role of Russian blogger Hussein Gasanov, who allegedly came to Kyrgyzstan with Durov. It is assumed that the blogger could become a mediator in negotiations between the businessman and local authorities. Gasanov’s posts on social networks confirm that he was in Issyk-Kul, but Durov himself is not visible in the photos.

Despite speculation about business interests, some of the publication’s sources believe Durov’s visit may not be related to the ski project. The head of Telegram and Kyrgyz officials have not yet commented on the rumors.

Durov at the beginning of June announced Your journey between Central Asian countries. Most likely, the businessman came to Issyk-Kul not to do business, but as a tourist.

Previously reportedHe said that the heat in Dubai destroyed Pavel Durov’s smartphone.

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Source: Gazeta


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