AvtoVAZ stopped production of the high-end Lada 12:08

Russian automaker AvtoVAZ decided to suspend production of the richest versions of Lada Vesta – Techno and Techno`24. In this respect reports Motor.ru, which reviews price lists of cars from the Vesta family.

In the list, cars in the Techno and Techno`24 versions received a mark, which means that they are no longer produced. The publication reminded that the richly equipped Lada Vesta NG (eight-speaker audio system, USB connectors in the second row, side airbags, etc.) is available only in the specified versions.

AvtoVAZ’s press service noted that Lada Vesta in Techno and Techno`24 versions is currently discontinued, but can be found at dealerships. The suspension of production was called “revision of the equipment list”.

Before that AvtoVAZ to start We supply Lada Granta Cross station wagons to dealership centers. The plant decided to produce the model in six trim levels and five colors. At the same time, standard enamels are available in the colors white and black, as well as in the metallic colors silver, dark gray and golden brown.

The Cross car differs from the standard Lada Granta by the presence of a body kit made of durable plastic, as well as new tires that protect the enamel from damage in light off-road conditions, have high ground clearance and are suitable for driving on difficult roads. land.

Previously AvtoVAZ supplied new versions of Lada for tourists.

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Source: Gazeta


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