Mega Drive ‘Comix Zone’, ‘Zero Wing’ & More Coming to Replace Online Subscribers

subscribers Change ‘Online + Expansion Pack’ can now enjoy four impressive additions to Mega Drive to the game catalog. You can now access the following from the hybrid console: ‘Comix Zone’, ‘Target World’, ‘Zero Wing’ and ‘Mega Man: The Wily Wars’ are free In addition.

the creator is in trouble

The best-known game in the pack is ‘Comix Zone’, where you take on the role of a cartoonist immersed in the world he has created. Using combat and exploration skills, the hero must make the transition. scenarios full of obstacles It is the film in which he will encounter enemies similar to many popular culture heroes of the time.

Your entire base belongs to us

‘Zero Wing’ is also a well known video game, but for different reasons. Like other killers of the time, the arcade game released in 1989 by the Japanese entertainment company Toaplan had no plot, just one. lone hero who saves the world. It was quite successful in arcades and its adaptation to the corresponding PC Engine and Mega Drive. But the popularity of the video game is due to a change in the European edition for the local SEGA. To broaden the point, a poorly translated intro scene into English was added that doesn’t appear in the arcade version. It was rediscovered in 1999 by the OverClocked ReMix team, who started one of the internet’s oldest memes, the ‘All your base belongs to us’ phenomenon.

Mega Man Remake

In ‘Wily Wars’ subscribers will find: new releases From the first three games in the ‘Mega Man’ series. Developed by Minakuchi Engineering and published by Capcom, the collection features updated graphics and the Wily Tower mod, which is only unlocked after the main mission is completed. As usual, players battle with the three unreleased bosses of ‘Genesis Unit’ and after defeating them, using the eight main weapons and three support items provided by the main title, Dr. They will have to face Willy.

Destination World: Known as Assault Suit Leynos

The catalog update is complete with ‘Target Earth’, also known as ‘Assault Suit Leynos’. Developed by Masaya, the classic sees players take control of a mechanized unit running through them. various futuristic scenarios.

Note that you must have an active ‘Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack’ account to access these video games without paying a dime. With this subscription, the company provides access to the features of the regular version of ‘Switch Online’, as well as access to a catalog of paid downloadable content for classic Nintendo 64 games, SEGA Mega Drive and Switch games.

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