You arrive at the beach, spread the towel, and when you already have a piece of sand, not half a minute has passed. This is nearly impossible not to happen, but if you want the sand to “touch” you as little as possible, there may be a solution. one XXL beach towel.


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Together large towel it will be harder for the sand to bother you, but it can be very useful if a few people are going to the beach and you don’t want to carry a lot of these items.

This type of large towel is also ideal if you’re having lunch, dinner or a snack on the beach, as it will ensure you have seating and food for everyone at the same time.

Sometimes what is a little more complicated is to buy such oversized towels. web diving English Court We found a pareo type towel from İmbat brand. has dimensions 200x200cm with the extra large one. It has a striped jacquard print and a knotted tufted finish. It is 100% cotton and free of charge. 25.95 €.

If you want larger, there is still a finished pareo with multicolored mandala drawings and a 210 x 220 cm fringe. It is 79% recycled cotton and 21% recycled polyester. Handle 29.95 €.

XXL beach towel | From left to right, two models of El Corte Inglés and a Decathlon towel ECI/Decathlon

large cheap beach towels

These two models are the largest we’ve found, but on the website decathlon, for example, you have other wonders. For example, your double cotton towel sizes It is 100×200 centimeters and costs only 9.99 euros. It is 100% cotton, has a striped print in different shades of blue and a tasseled surface.

Inside carrefoursa You have many models measuring 100×180 cm, but this one caught our attention with its circular and mandala drawing. It draws attention with its roundness and 180 cm diameter, so it is also ideal for the beach. Cost 54.44 €.

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