iPhone charging cable killed a young man in Moscow region 13:34

A 17-year-old teenager died in Noginsk after a powerful electric shock from a wrapped iPhone charging cable. In this respect reports Telegram channel Mash.

According to the source, on the evening of February 27, before the incident, Alexey (name changed) was talking on the phone with his girlfriend and charging the device. According to her, the man suddenly screamed and then the connection with him was lost. Further attempts to reach Alexey yielded no results.

The next morning, the young man’s body was found by his mother with severe burns extending from his ear almost to his shoulder. It is stated that a burnt iPhone connected to the charger was also wrapped with tape on the charred pillow.

Other details, including other factors that may have affected the event, were not specified.

iPhone users often wrap their smartphone charging cables with tape and tape due to their poor durability. As a rule, the cable wears out and breaks quickly, which is why it eventually fails.

Previously was fired Myths about charging smartphones overnight.

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Source: Gazeta


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