“Estimates vary.” The USA has doubts about Russia’s nuclear weapons in space NYT: The USA reported the Russian threat to its allies without trusting its data 02/22/2024, 07:27

The United States doubts the results of the analysis of data that Russia plans to place nuclear weapons in space to attack satellites. This was reported by New York Times With reference to sources.

Two of the publication’s interlocutors said that Russian President Vladimir Putin may consider blocking satellites as a new deterrent tool, even if they pose a risk to Russian devices. According to familiar sources by letter US allies Moscow could test such a system as early as 2022, but US intelligence agencies doubt its reality.

“These institutions are now divided in their assessment of what will happen next. “Some believe Mr. Putin could launch a fake gun to keep people guessing whether it is real or fake,” the NYT writes.

The publication notes that the United States is still concerned about the possibility of Russia deploying nuclear weapons in space. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already warned China and India about potential threats to their satellites. Washington has also informed its allies about the possibility of Russia launching weapons this year.

Threat to US national security

Several releases at once in February – washington post, A B C And CNN – Based on US intelligence data, they reported that Russia plans to place nuclear weapons in space to be used against satellites.

The information was shared with Congress and major U.S. allies; Some members of Congress said the data was so important it should be made public.

Russia is working on developing anti-satellite weapons, John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the US National Security Council (NSC), said in a White House briefing on February 15. He noted that these weapons have not yet been deployed and therefore “there is no immediate threat to anyone’s safety.”

direct dialogue

During the briefing, Kirby said that in light of the data obtained about Russian weapons, US President Joe Biden ordered the start of direct negotiations with Russia.

“We are not talking about weapons that can attack people or cause physical destruction on Earth. <...> They are currently developing this feature. “We are still analyzing the available information for this,” he said.

Kirby also said that Washington has already contacted the Russian side, but specific dates for negotiations have not yet been scheduled.

Russia’s position

On February 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented for the first time on the issue of nuclear weapons in space during a working meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“Our position is clear and transparent: We have always been categorically against the deployment of nuclear weapons in space. <...> “On the contrary, we call for compliance with all existing agreements in this field and propose that this joint work be greatly strengthened,” he said.

In response, Shoigu said that Russia has not placed and does not plan to place nuclear weapons in space, and that Russia does not have such a project. There are two reasons why US officials are “making a fuss” about Russia’s alleged launch of anti-satellite weapons containing nuclear elements into space, according to the head of the defense ministry.

“First, to intimidate senators and congressmen in order to encourage and encourage the allocation of funds that will supposedly be used not only for Ukraine, but also for confronting Russia and inflicting a strategic defeat on it. “But the second one, in our view, is a situation where they want to restart or encourage us to engage in dialogue on strategic stability, perhaps just as clumsily,” he said.

at the end of january Bloomberg He reported on a report from the US Space Force highlighting potential threats posed by Russia and China. It was stated that both countries are actively developing and testing anti-satellite weapons.

At the same time, Russia in the summer of 2022 suggested To prevent an armed race in space, UN member states should develop an agreement expressing their commitment to peaceful purposes in the use of outer space.

What are you thinking?

The United States was unsure about Russia’s development of anti-satellite nuclear weapons. US intelligence is divided, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned China and India about possible threats to their satellites. Washington believes Russia could launch weapons into space as early as this year. But they admit it could be a dummy.

Source: Gazeta


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