Shooter Counter-Strike 2 will feature story missions and staged scenes 21:17

A story mode can be found in the online competitive shooter Counter-Strike 2. This is due to analysis of the game’s internal files by the ThourCS2 data miner. reports Playground portal.

According to him, in the last update of the game, references to cutscenes, subtitles and other elements were found that indicate the existence of a story with characters and events. Additionally, some lines and features related to the comics used in Operation Wildfire’s Gemini campaign have been removed from the game.

ThourCS2 believes that the story mode in Counter-Strike 2 will differ from traditional game campaigns in the genre and will be more of a series of operations with staged cutscenes and an overall story.

Data miners are people who search for hidden or encoded data or files in game files and program code that may contain information inaccessible to casual players, such as clues about the game’s sequel, new characters, or locations. Data miners are generally gaming enthusiasts and fans who want to learn certain information from upcoming updates as quickly as possible.

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Source: Gazeta


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