Lenovo demonstrated live a laptop with a transparent screen and laser keyboard 21:12

As part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 technology exhibition, Lenovo presented the concept version of the ThinkBook laptop, whose main features are a transparent screen and laser keyboard. In this respect reports The Verge’s edition.

The frameless 17.3-inch laptop screen is made using MicroLED technology. It has up to 55% transparency when its pixels are set to black or turned off. As the pixels brighten, the screen becomes less and less transparent, eventually reaching 1000 nits of brightness and turning into an opaque white page.

The Verge noted that this solution has several problems. The most obvious is that the information displayed on the transparent screen is visible not only to users but also to those around them. Additionally, the transparent screen does not allow the use of a high-resolution interface. In the case of MicroLED technology it is 720p. If Lenovo used an OLED matrix, the resolution would drop to 480p.

Besides the transparent display, Lenovo decided to use a laser keyboard instead of a physical keyboard on the ThinkBook. The keyboard is projected onto the rear case, and motion sensors track finger touches in certain areas of the projection.

The ThinkBook is just a demo device and Lenovo has no plans to make a consumer version of it.

Previously Lenovo showed Laptops with self-healing capability.

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Source: Gazeta


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