In Omsk, a domestic laptop developed for 100 thousand rubles

Until the end of this year, Omsk plans to organize mass production of BITBLAZE Titan laptops based on domestic Baikal-M processors. They are designed for the business market.

The director of BITBLAZE, Maxim Koposov, said that the basic model in an aluminum case will cost 100-120 thousand rubles, and in a titanium one – 200 thousand rubles. The first batch will be 1000 units. In addition to the Baikal-M version, a version based on the Elbrus-2C3 processor is also expected.

All important specificationsAll important specificationsAll important specifications

At the same time, the developers note that most of the laptop components are foreign. Replacing them with domestic counterparts depends on how quickly domestic industry can catch up with foreign ones.

Koposov also noted that even the price of 100 thousand rubles, included in the draft, may increase due to a change in the exchange rate. In technical terms, the novelty is positioned as “an ordinary laptop for office work”. Note that the laptop relies on an integrated graphics card, discrete solutions from third-party manufacturers may appear in the future. Blizzard decided to ban gamers from the DPR and LPR

Source: VG Times


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