Google launches Gemini, its most powerful artificial intelligence

Google press the gas pedal. This Wednesday, the American tech giant announced the launch Geminiyour model artificial intelligence (AI) is the strongest to date.

A language model algorithm Deep learning trained on large amounts of data allows machines to recognize, summarize, translate and render text, images, video or audio. In other words, it is the technology behind the applications. Generative AI like popular ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI And Microsoftand where Google wants to replace it.

Gemini will be used to develop from this Wednesday poet, the company’s conversational assistant. But its use will go much further. Google will license its corporate customers to integrate this artificial intelligence into their own customers.applications‘. Android developers will also be able to use it for the following purposes: mobile devices.

three models

Created together ContemplationGemini, Google’s AI research subsidiary, will come in three sizes: Gemini Ultra, the most powerful and advanced; Gemini Pro will work in a wide variety of tasks; and Gemini Nano, operational for specific missions and the mobile ecosystem.

Ultra is “the first model to outperform human experts at understanding multitasking language, one of the most popular methods for testing the knowledge and problem-solving ability of AI models,” according to a statement on the company’s corporate page.

Although the capabilities of the model announced today have not been tested yet, Google CEO said, Sundar Pichai, has ensured that he can “generalize and understand without problems” complex topics such as mathematics, physics, law, medicine, history and ethics. Gemini Pro would exceed GPT-3.5Language model behind ChatGPT, but unknown if it can be equal to GPT-4OpenAI’s most advanced.

What’s still unclear is how Google plans to monetize this new AI model.

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