Apple stopped repairing Apple Watch 22:29

Apple has stopped accepting repairs for its first smartwatch, the Series 0, released in 2015. In this respect reports MacRumor’s publication.

Apple Watch Series 0 will be officially discontinued on September 30, 2023, according to MacRumors. Journalists learned about this from a copy of a letter on Apple’s internal mailing list.

MacRumors notes that in addition to the base Apple Watch Series 0 models, authorized service centers will also stop accepting the gold version. The case of this model is made of 18 carat gold. When they were released, they sold for $17,000.

In addition to the gold version, as well as the classic models in 38 and 42 mm, there is also the Hermes modification.

Apple defines devices as obsolete seven years after they are no longer sold. Apple Watch Series 0 was discontinued in 2016 following the launch of Apple Watch Series 1.

Apple is expected to add the first-generation watch to the list of obsolete devices published on the official website at any time.

Previously Apple stopped Providing assistance to people on social networks.

Source: Gazeta


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