Elon Musk talks about how he prepared to fight Zuckerberg 11:54

Billionaire businessman and Twitter owner Elon Musk social networkThat he used techniques from the Pink Panther movie and anime in preparation for a duel with Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta company (known and banned in Russia as an extremist).

“To prepare for battle, I will use the technique of the famous Inspector Clouseau (hero of the Pink Panther. – socialbites.ca) and have him attack Kato (Servant of Clusot and martial arts expert. – socialbites.ca). me at random moments,” Musk wrote.

In the movies, Kato is ordered to surprise Clouseau in order to maintain the inspector’s fighting skills and vigilance.

He also added that he will use moves from the Japanese anime One-Punch Man.

Tesla’s former CEO spent Training match with black belt in jiu-jitsu Lex Friedman.

It was previously known that Zuckerberg was. was hired UFC champions Adesanya and Volkanovski will train before fighting Musk.

Former American journalist declarationThat Elon Musk periodically goes into “demon mode”.

Source: Gazeta


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