Europe legalizes wiretapping for WhatsApp users to search for child pornography

The EU Child Sexual Exploitation Center may be authorized to search for pornographic content involving minors on WhatsApp and other instant messaging programs, which officially legalizes “tapping” Internet services. This relates to the announcement of the relevant draft law by the European Commission. reported Wired version.

From the text of the EU Commission’s press release, IT giants will be asked to identify sexual content involving minors, inform law enforcement about it, and remove it if the proposed changes in legislation are adopted. For this, technology companies that are responsible for the operation of services such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal and not only develop special technical tools, will also need to work.

Wired editors argue, citing civil rights experts, that this bill would essentially legalize surveillance of users and render useless the end-to-end encryption used in most instant messaging programs. They believe that any technical solution designed under any pretext to weaken end-to-end encryption will sooner or later be misused. In this case, human rights activists believe the child porn search engine will eventually be set to search for other content that compromises users’ privacy.

Formerly Wrote About the new version of WhatsApp with an updated interface.

Source: Gazeta


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