Enthusiast recreated the sound of “Pot” using a neural network and performed new songs 12:56

YouTube channel author Baron Ungern has created a replica of Mikhail “Gorshka” Gorshenev’s voice, using neural networks to voice new songs. Upon this perceived portal Hi-Tech Mail.Ru.

The channel has collected more than 20 “covers” performed with the voice of a popular artist. Thanks to neural networks, you can hear “Pay the Witcher with a Coin” from the Netflix series, “Good Night” by Kino and many more compositions performed by Pot.

Also, some songs like Sound of Silence, Aerials, Riders on the Strom and other AI “sing” in English.

What neural networks were used to digitize Gorshenev’s voice was not reported by the enthusiast. The editors of Hi-Tech Mail.Ru suggested that this was done using the services of Eleven Labs or Sounddraw AI Music.

Formerly socialbites.ca saidHow do people get rich with the help of neural networks?

Source: Gazeta


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