Plan to steal secret Apple developments revealed

The American company Apple has sued tech startup Rivos, accusing it of stealing its secret developments through targeted poaching of its employees. Engadget with reference to sources.

According to the IT giant, Rivos organized a coordinated campaign to kidnap employees from Apple’s chip development division. It is alleged that some of the retired experts took a lot of valuable data with them, including trade secrets.

The source said that at least two former Apple employees had handed over gigabytes of confidential information to Rivos, resulting in the revelations, including presentation files containing detailed information about the American company’s yet-to-be-released chips.

The lawsuit claims that Rivos “instructed at least some Apple employees to install an encrypted messaging app and then continue communicating with them.” Officially, Apple has yet to comment on the appeal to the court.

Previously Apple’s plans to delay The launch of the iPhone 14 due to the closure of factories in Asian countries due to a new wave of pandemics.

Source: Gazeta


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