Suspicious Soup Flavor Chips Introduced to Minecraft Fans 10:43

Pringles announced a collaboration with Minecraft and released special chips that tasted like “suspicious soup”. Portal reports HypeBeast.

Suspicious Stew is a food item that, when consumed, can strengthen or weaken the player depending on the flower used to create it. According to the Pringles representative, the innovation will appeal to everyone, whether you play Minecraft or not. That’s exactly the reaction the chipmaker was expecting, “So that’s what the suspect soup tastes like!”

It is known that the product, which tastes like Minecraft, will go on sale in stores in America in April this year.

Formerly we talked about it, that the official cookbook with recipes from the game Minecraft has been released in the USA. Written by culinary expert Tara Theoharis, the book features more than 40 original main courses, appetizers, desserts and drinks, a questionable soup.

Source: Gazeta


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