WP: at least 50 US officers abroad fell victim to spyware 01:28

The newspaper reported that at least 50 US government employees in at least 10 countries were victims of commercial spyware infecting their cell phones. Washington Post (WP)Referring to senior officials of the United States administration.

WP sources did not specify which company the spyware belonged to or who used it.

According to one of them, this case is under investigation and more cases of American government employees getting infected with this type of software are likely to emerge.

On March 27, the White House hosted the President of the United States Joe Biden. signed a decreeNow that the US government is prohibited from using proprietary commercial spyware that potentially threatens the country’s security.

As the White House notes, an increasing number of countries around the world are using software to “intimidate and rein in political dissent, limit freedom of expression, and monitor the activities of activists and journalists.”

Source: Gazeta


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