Tesla’s top executive was known as “the trainer of Elon Musk” 10:35

Twitter employees nicknamed Tesla’s top executive Omid Afshar within the social network for his ability to understand the mood of the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. The newspaper writes about it Finance Times.

It was noted that Afshar previously operated the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, USA, and joined Twitter last year. Currently, the businessman is part of Musk’s inner circle in the social network.

“He even got a nickname at the company—”Elon’s tamer,”” said one source, “so that he could always understand his mood.”

Afshar helped Musk with “the biggest and most frustrating problems at the company,” according to the FT. Two unnamed sources told the publication that it is negotiating complex cloud spending contracts with Amazon and Google.

Earlier, it was reported that Twitter’s top executives served at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco specifically for Elon Musk. made a list for a new round of layoffs of employees.

Source: Gazeta


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