Most popular Twitch streamer found a ‘Russian clone’ 13:56

Canadian broadcaster Felix “xQc” Langelel, who was selected as the most followed streamer on Twitch in 2022, discovered the “Russian clone” among TikTok users during one of the broadcasts. A snippet from the stream was posted at: YouTube.

“What is this! What is it? How is this possible?!” cried the blogger, surprised by his resemblance to a Russian blogger he did not know.

In the comments, most of the blogger’s fans agreed that the Russian is very similar to him and began to call him “Russian clone” xQc. “Fortunately, the clone managed to escape,” one user joked.

Some also pointed out that the TikTok blogger definitely has the option to masquerade as xQc to get new ad contracts. The user concluded his comments by saying, “You can see how scared he was on Felix thinking it was a deepfake that got out of hand, and then he realized it was a real person.”

formerly Lyanzhel Harry Potter surprises fansbecause in the game Hogwarts Legacy, he chose Slytherin, which is considered a villain house in the fictional universe of School of Witchcraft and Magic.

Source: Gazeta


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