Netflix launches ‘Mystery Box’, new content discovery feature for kids

Netflix has rolled out the new feature worldwide. ‘Mystery Box’with which will offer a “safe and fun” space for minors to discover new movies or TV shows inside the platform.

The company has different options for recommending content to users in the app itself, such as recommendation lists. “Trends Now” anyone “Today’s Top 10 Movies”. However, it launched a specific function for Recommend engaging content for minors.

In this sense, Netflix has launched ‘Mystery Box’, a new tool that works similarly to the shuffle function, as announced in an entry on its blog. Only available on child profiles.

As such, everything ‘Mystery Box’ offers is children’s content, with choices that change every day and selected from the extensive catalog of content for little ones that Netflix has.

With this functionality, the US streaming platform aims to create an “enjoyable and personalized” experience to “connect little ones with the stories that make up their world,” as Netflix developed.

To access the ‘Mystery Box’ all you have to do is search in the ‘Favorites’ line at the top of the page in child profiles. Once found, simply hover over the box to discover the ‘New for you’ offer.

Its design, besides being bright and striking, focuses on drawing characters for children’s enjoyment. “Connect more easily and creatively” With the protagonists of TV shows and movies, as TJ Marston, director of Product Innovation explains.

This feature was announced last May 2022. now available to all users with Android devices worldwide..

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