Carl Pei reveals the cost of Nothing Phone 04.12.2022, 15:57

Nothing’s president, Carl Pei, said the company practically makes no money from selling Nothing Phone smartphones (1). About informs Portal 91 mobile phones.

According to Pei, the production of the Nothing Phone (1) will cost the company $360, while the smartphone itself retails for $450. The head of Nothing stated that the margin covers logistics, and the company also pays a percentage of that amount to Amazon, telecom operators and other partners. Pei argues that when all costs are included, Nothing’s profit is zero.

He also noted that more than half a million Nothing Phones (1) have been sold worldwide since launch, with better offers from the company’s component suppliers. This will help the brand increase its profits in gadget manufacturing in the future.

It is recorded that Apple takes almost 50% of its profit from every iPhone 14 sold, but Apple has much more expenses.

Formerly saidNothing introduced transparent In-Ear (rod) headphones.

Source: Gazeta


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