Thirty-five shots and only two goals. What happened at the Bernabéu was a watchful football spree. And if it didn’t end badly, it was only because of the creativity of a Shakhtar who didn’t quite believe in it. Benzema took the stick and led Rodrygo, Vinicius and Valverde in a night that suggested a win and resulted in heavy digestion. A happy ending that touches the capital scare.

Ancelotti wanted to send a message to his players and, who knows, his opponent with his eleven selections. On his own and moreover, after stumbling against Osasuna last Sunday, he warned them that they couldn’t relax and had to go out with everything. The Ukrainians were honored by presenting their most glamorous cadres during their difficult times. Lunin and Valverde appeared at eleven with the loss of an injured Courtois and Modric managing his return after overcoming some issues on the bench. Upstairs, Benzema was accompanied by Rodrygo and Vinicius, a violin and two electric guitars. Shakhtar was betting on the skill and nerve of his young diamonds: Shev, Mudryk and Zubikov in the attack.

Benzema’s Stradivarius

Players understood Carletto’s message to corner Donbass in their territory. And soon they broke down the ‘miners’ fence because Giving Valverde the right lane at thirteen minutes and operating on Benzema’s back, Rodrygo crowned a wall on the area’s balcony. nailing his right to the net. The Brazilian gained possession, without Vinicius’ enthusiasm, through goals and association football, which paired perfectly with Benzema’s Stradivarius.

Ancelotti breathed a sigh of relief knowing Madrid from the Champions night. He attacked with the ball, pressed without the ball, had fun, got opportunities… The second goal was classical music with the choral play of Valverde, Benzema, Rodrygo and Vinicius and sent the ball into the net. Ancelotti’s Symphony had the complicity of an extremely lazy Shakhtar. Trubin, the only goalkeeper to score four goals in the first half, kept his team afloat. Especially to Carletto’s considerable anger after an unexpected counterattack in which the Ukrainian player’s arrogance ended in Zubkov’s volley goal. Shakhtar is back in the game against an unsuccessful Madrid with a rape.

If the first part was a monologue, the second part was a siege. The Whites showed their missing teeth in the match that finished first against the resilient Ukrainian youth. Minutes passed, and the atmosphere became sparse. Mudryk turned against his fellow countryman Lunin, but he was left with one final blow. And Trubin continued to earn his salary: Valverde, Alaba, Benzema, Rodrygo… Without significant offensive resources on the bench, Ancelotti saw how the gala striker didn’t finish a game he wasted opportunity after opportunity.

There was nothing to blame the madridists except for their failures. And Shakhtar took what was left on the bench for a draw, with the departure of Sikan, who scored a hat-trick on the last day of the league. The Great Four Whites (Benzema, Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Valverde) continued to have fun, reaching 35 shots, but Ancelotti’s eyebrows were raised anyway. In the last ten minutes, the ‘miners’ yawned to reach the Lunin area, creating a sense of danger in several games. Asensio and Camavinga put in new legs, but the team got scared and had a run at the Bernabéu. Never has a game so unstable ended with so much anxiety in the stands and on the benches.

Card: Real Madrid 2- Shakhtar 1

Real Madrid: Lunin; Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendy; Valverde, Tchouameni (Camavinga 74′), Kroos; Rodrygo (Asensio 79′), Benzema and Vinicius.

Shakhtar: turbine; Mykhaylichenko, Bondar, Matviienko, Kopolya; Stepanenko (Traore 87′); Shved (Petriak 67′), Bondarenko, Sudakov (Djurasek 87′), Mudryk; Zubkov (Sikan 67′).

targets: 1-0; Rodrygo (13′), 2-0, Vinicius (28′), 2-1, Zubkov (39′)

Judge: Ivan Kruzliak (Slovakia). warned Bondar.

stadium: Santiago Bernabeu.