Alberto Chicote After becoming a slave, she did not want to hide her anger on social networks. victim of fraud Who used your picture without your consent? server ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’ He wanted to show his anger on social networks to report the problem to his followers. The cook issued a warning in a letter so that no one falls for the scam.

The person responsible for giving Bells regularly with Cristina Pedroche on Antena 3 shared a screenshot of a photo of her appearing next to an advertisement for Bitcoins encouraging people to invest. This isn’t the first time this has happened to him because on other occasions they’ve used the chef’s and other celebrities’ claims like Pablo Motos to support this type of scam.

Along with the image, he also showed his deep anger: “Graphic definition that is more inaccurate than a hardwood! There are still bastards trying to exploit the image of DO NOT AUTHORIZE SCAM PEOPLE to use them. If what they’re selling is as reliable as their advertisements, don’t even think about giving them a euro…”