Who will win the Nobel, Salman Rushdie, Houellebecq or Annie Ernaux?

One of the most fun and frivolous activities a cultural journalist encounters in early October is trying to predict who the next Nobel Prize in Literature will be. It is known that the result will be clarified this Thursday, when the Academy Mats Malm secretary announces his name at 13:00. Will it be an author or author of the well-known and famous solvency? Otherwise, the Swedish Academy will surprise again with a name that should have been widely promoted – with Abdulrazak Gurnah last year – as little is known about Zanzibari, which was then little published in Spain.

A tradition that has proven unreliable over the years goes to bookies where writers race like racehorses. In the years when corruption was rampant in academia, leaks were detected from bookies who had fraudulent access to top secret negotiations in principle for the prize, which was made public only 50 years later. But the discovery of these irregularities has kept the winner’s name even more so since 2019’s revamped edition. The list of possible winners gathered by the bookmaker Nicer Odds in recent years speaks more to the wishes of the readers. From Swedish designs.

The extraordinary Annie Ernaux

This year, the eternal candidate Hiroshi MurakamiThe player who had taken first place in the bets in previous years has dropped to tenth place, as if confirming the hope of a small prize for him. It is featured in this edition instead in Japanese. Michel Houellebecq, He is an excellent example of a literary writer – although many of his critics systematically deprived him of bread and salt – and he is also an accomplished writer. They are followed by the French writer. Annie Ernaux, For himself (a publishing phenomenon in Spain) and the North American poet, he is an outstanding performer of confessional prose and uncompromising Anne Carsonwhere everyone is betting as far as Canada in 2020 and much less popular Louise Gluck ‘missed’.

a Nobel Salman Rushdie it is one of the increasingly powerful possibilities in networks, albeit only for its symbolic value; Without excellent literature to tarnish the award. Rewarding Rushdie, who was attacked in accordance with the fatwa issued on 12 August 30 years ago that brought him to the brink of death, would be one of the rulings of a political nature and a rejection of Islamic fundamentalism. The problem is that it will resurface a writer who has since disappeared from public life.

russian address

A similar intent could be contained, not far from awarding Borís Pásternak, author of ‘Doctor Zhivago,’ or Alexander Solkhenitsyn, if Nobel finally decides to send a message to Vladimir Putin. War. look at russia Lyudmila UlitskayaWhoever bought Formentor recently was going to go in that direction, but perhaps it would be better to choose a Ukrainian writer, no matter how much the Russian writer went against the Kremlin’s guidelines. may be the case Andrey Kurkov or exceptional Yuri Andrukhovich. Neither of them appear on the betting lists.

Who makes and closes the relationship is Czech naturalized French. milan kuderaA choice that could be as indisputable as the 2019 election of Peter Handke, one of the biggest voices in European literature at the age of 93. All that balls is hype, and it’s possible that the 2022 Nobel Literature won’t be either. from them.

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