MACA is programming its most ambitious education project under the umbrella of Consorci de Museus

The activities that MACA has planned for audiences of all types throughout the course this year are more and more continuous over time. A list of offers that stand out among them ambitious education project first created via call Tangent Valencia Community Museums Consortium.

An economic and logistical support that allows the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art to have staff for the whole season and also to be able to program completely, not by quarters.

“Consorci has always helped with certain projects, but this time it took two people over a year to run this business,” he says. Rosa Castells, curator of municipal collections. “So we were able to gather all the projects we had left in one project, so it was more organized and projected for a whole year.”

Children’s activities at MACA

The training program has just been presented all its projects “one by one” to the lecturers with a very positive result. “More than forty came and they were overjoyed.”

This is how they prepared à la carte visits “linking them to the school curriculum” for schoolchildren in order to develop the ability to observe, understand and approach museum collections.

Offered for the little ones Exploring the MACAa way to make your first contact with a museum and also EnergeticIntroductory tour of artists and works of geometric abstraction, optical and kinetic trends.

Visit contemporary codes It is intended for students to explore new techniques and materials in their social or cultural context. another gender issueQuestioning the roles of men and women in contemporary art to encourage critical and reflective thinking. I do portraits with 6 and 4 offers an approach to artists who interpret the portrait in different artistic languages. Finally, surprise It is a mediation project for groups with different capacities, functional diversity or at risk of exclusion.

Another line that the museum follows is unique educational projects. Menus Veinsaims to increase interest in contemporary art with the participation of an education center.

with R for portrait It brings the museum closer to various students from Ordinary Centers with Special Special Education Units. It proposes to bring the human face closer to art through activities that contribute to the general cognitive development of students.

For the first time, teacher education became another axis and presented as an innovation. linked classesa visiting program for teachers to learn about the educational resources the museum offers through its collections.

Public opinion

Visits to temporary exhibitions or the permanent collection were also organized through the Consorci de Museus on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

In addition, with the support of the Tangent call, the visit great artists for drying, with a public appetizer highlighting the works of women artists (11 October, 19 November and 3 December).

Shall we talk art? It is presented as an innovation, with commented visits and actions to reflect the context of the MACA work.

One of this year’s MACA events.

big words takes its place snackIt is aimed at people over the age of 60 who want to enter the contemporary art world and develop their own narratives.

It is scheduled once a month for children and teenagers. I am the artist and also Letter and painting laboratoriesas the learning and discovery of art for the little ones.

keep on even architect’s deskReaching its ninth edition, The Voice travels around MACA with guided museum tours and its immediate surroundings where sound plays a leading role.

There will also be two saxophone concerts. Soniart, laboratory (Lumina Ensemble: 15 October and 10 December).

come back at last choir apron, He presented the first session of this second season on Monday. This vocal experimental group born in New York led by Sonia Megas.

And it goes on MACA liveTo bring dance to the museum in October and November with 4 and 5 sessions.

On behalf of the Cultural Council Member, Anthony ManresaMACA “has an all-level education program that is more ambitious and of better quality every year to train the youngest citizens as a benchmark for contemporary art in our city.”

In this sense, he assures that “museum events are more than proven to become a regular meeting point for many families and groups who find themselves a space to learn, meet and get close.” to his art in an educational and entertaining way.

social program

The social aspect is once again the central axis of various activities. Among them, pulling the rope it also joins hands with the Consorci de Museos within its programme. equal culture. The aim of this initiative, run by Daguten since 2019, is to offer the opportunity to awaken creativity in people with mental disabilities at the APSA Terramar Vocational Center. also keeps memories. Arts and Culture An initiative against Alzheimer’s, which has reached its tenth issue this year, in collaboration with the AFA and the Peláez Foundation. Finally, AllMACAIt will reach its seventh from December 1-4, coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Recognition of diversity through accessible and inclusive activities.

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