income 1.520.000 € what Hercules did to the Treasury yesterday To complete the two million Barça paid last summer They’re allowing the Blue and Whites to reduce their debt to the treasury by less than a million euros, something that hasn’t happened in over a decade. That way, Hercules won’t appear on the Treasury’s biggest defaulters list, which is becoming commonplace every year. Letters of payment, due to the concealment of the assets of the Hércules and Foundation, upon the investigating judge, their respective presidents Carlos Parodi and Valentín Botella, and the two bosses of the Fundación Javier León and José María Caruana, all (individuals and legal entities) appearing as criminal evidence in the trial.

He had no choice but to pay more than one and a half million euros into the asset. Significantly reduced to see the possible penalty for the crime under investigation.

To record the payment made by the two entities under investigation, as well as their heads and employers, the Foundation paid 1,229,301 euros, while the remaining 351,134 euros is provided by Hercules and its president. Of this amount, 60,435 Euro corresponds to the interest calculated from the moment Abde’s transfer is deposited to the Foundation account instead of Hercules, and the remaining 290,698 corresponds to the remainder of the principal until it reaches 1,520,000. euro.

Treasury confiscates revenue from Hercules for the past five years After violating the singular agreement signed in 2013The date the club owned by Enrique Ortiz owed more than eight million euros. The request from the Treasury came after not a single installment was paid for several months. While a member of the Second Division, Hercules signed a unique agreement in which he pledged to pay 80,000 euros per month. The problem is that unlike deals made by other clubs, in this case the possibility of reducing the amount payable periodically in case of losing the category was not considered. With the aggravating situation, numerous consecutive campaigns in Second B, a category with almost no income in his case.

this agreement Following the bankruptcy proceedings for the payment of concessional loans of 10.4 million, signed by Hércules with the Tax Office, an initial payment of two million and a payment plan was established, but in 2017 by the Treasury « Therefore, Hercules is committed to the one who pays the pending amount or to establish a payment plan. All of his income, which will continue today, has been confiscated until an agreement is reached with the Treasury.

For now, Hercules has to pay more than one and a half million euros to supplement the two million Barcelona paid for Abde in Osasuna last summer.

club statement

The club confirmed the payment this Thursday afternoon, with a clear statement that it does not admit to any breach by payment of the debt: “… The payment in question was made in accordance with the firm’s will. that the club and its leaders always continue to pay their debts to the Treasury according to the economic possibilities of the business. The payment made has taken another step towards ensuring the sustainability and viability of our sports project. Such action does not constitute an admission of any liability for any breach, as both the club and the Foundation and any of its directors or leaders always act to the best of their knowledge and understanding, legal and economic possibilities, and, to the extent possible, to participate in economic commitments with all creditors, whether public or private entities. The institution, its directors and leaders, has always ensured the viability and sustainability of the institution by always doing their best to use all the club’s income for the regular payment of the club’s economic commitments with all its employees, suppliers, collaborators and collaborators. public administrations, without any private interest.