Agriculture firm Soldive seeks bankruptcy and liquidation

Los Montesinos-based melon and lettuce producer Soldier Spain shut it down. Behind unable to find new investors To ensure the continuity of the firm – the company met with Florette last spring but to no avail – the owners voluntary bankruptcy, in addition to the request settlement and dissolution of the company.

This is reflected in the decree of the Elche-based Alicante Commercial Court, published this Thursday in the Official State Gazette, giving creditors one month to pass on their debts. debts. this faculties left bankrupt suspended and was appointed as bankruptcy manager instead of Valencia firm Azpal Bankruptcy Managers.

The fact is that the company already barely sustained event since last May 18when you send workers home discontinuous constant According to the corporate committee and the CC OO union, who made up the bulk of the 140 workforce invited to a meeting next meeting knowing what their condition is. In this way, only fifteen employees remained, with the company’s permanent staff working all year.

of the french Capital, Soldive’s problems came to light last February, when company staff took action against the layoffs of 23 workers affected by an ERE. The firm justified this because of the problems that arose. melon productionas a result CALF This devastated Vega Baja and other weather events that reduced the harvest. However, to make up for this decline in business, the administration has encouraged the cultivation of lettuce – a variety especially appreciated in France.

Workers did not trust each other and asked for a continuity guarantee. The conflict seemed to be back on track when the firm announced that a new investor was negotiating the entry of the multinational. flower. But the conversations they didn’t row and Florette withdrew from the deal.

According to the workers’ account, in mid-July the day laborers were told: they shouldn’t come back and sent them home. It was last week when the firm forwarded its bankruptcy request to its staff delegates. This newspaper successfully tried to collect the corporate version of what happened.

Source: Informacion


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