body ricky bibeyThe former champion of English rugby league appeared at a hotel in Florence on July 16. his girlfriend, Jennie Platt was found seriously injured next to her. Mystery had pervaded the case from the very beginning, as different possible scenarios were speculated. Now, three weeks later, it has been revealed that the athlete died of a heart attack while beating his girlfriend tremendously, and was eventually hospitalized. serious cuts and wounds.

A police source told ‘Mail Online’ that “the man was found with a number of cuts, bruises and other wounds on his body, and so was the woman, although she was more serious. wound and the man is kind of contraction‚ÄúThere was a lot of blood in the room and forensic teams have been working there since the body was found, the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment.


Prosecutors had to wait more than a week before they could question the woman assigned to him. Gravity injuries and hotel staff were unable to provide further information about the incident. questioned by the police and the media. Therefore, what happened has remained a secret until now.

The woman’s lawyer said that after Jennie came out of shock, she announced to the police that Ricky was completely dead the night she died. out of control and said he attacked her.

A family friend added, “Ricky has been suffering from mental health issues recently and has had a serious recession in the past six months.” “He went in and out of various centers and this trip was to try and get him back on track, but it ended in tragedy,” the source said.