Zhurova said Russia has a chance to win Euro 2028 in swimming 21:22

Olympic speed skating champion and State Duma deputy Svetlana Zhurova said in an interview with socialbites.ca: words Stating that Kazan may receive the right to host the 2028 European Championship, All-Russian Swimming Federation President Vladimir Salnikov talks about positive changes in the global sports community.

According to him, behind-the-scenes contacts between Russian and world sports continue regardless.

“First of all, this may be a revelation to some, but the presidents of our sports federations continue to communicate behind the scenes with the presidents of international federations. There are no random people there – some have developed friendships during their studies, many go to each other’s anniversaries, it’s true, it’s a normal human story. Secondly, probably no one has organized the World Aquatics Championships in Kazan as it once was. They know and remember this, so as soon as a real opportunity arises, the tournament will definitely be given to Russia,” Zhurova said.

In 2024, the European Aquatics Championship was planned to be held in Kazan, but was postponed to Belgrade (Serbia) due to the situation in Ukraine.

Previously Irina Rodnina spoke He is against broadcasting the 2024 Olympic Games in Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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