It’s a crazy day to attend the Canadian GP. Max Verstappen held pole in a rainy ‘quality’ to which Fernando Alonso surprised. The two-time world champion used this advantage. Czech Perez’s ‘KO’ -injured- and Charles Leclerc -taken on a penalty- took second place, leaving third place to Carlos Sainz, who had some strong moments, though not as much as the Dutch ‘1’.

this eliminated first He was Charles Leclerc even before we started. Monegasque pilot ferrari He doubled his bet on Friday and swapped out his entire engine unit for Sunday’s race, so he’ll be penalized for last place. happened in the same situation Yuki Tsunoda With a complete overhaul of its components to accompany Leclerc in the boxes furthest from the finish line.

for Q2 and already a ‘prancing horse’ in competition, queue Red Bull attacking to face the final part of the classification. But in Checo Pérez, everything was just the opposite. The Mexican took a break and tried to make a lap and went straight into the retaining wall, smashed the nose of the car and planted the red flag.

After the reboot, a special guest sneaked into the fight of the championship’s two best builders. Sainz and Verstappen were defeated as the track recovered, while Alonso took advantage of the final moments of the second quarter to demoralize. Alpine pilot passed quality finish Canada is in second place, warning of how strong the weekend started.

Already in Q3, Max showed his world champion streaks and showed that he would not compete. His car was the fastest on the track, and even Sainz’s efforts couldn’t keep up with his time. Milton Keynes’ crushing “bull” struck and pole. Another world champion has done his job, though not far off. Fernando remained in second place and Alp in the front row. And behind him is Carlos. The man from Madrid has blown up in the third sector but he will have the opportunity.