It all hurts but the last one is the only one that killed you. The bad thing is the diabolical paradox, you may not be aware of it, for sure. Attacks follow each other. they don’t give up They change the intensity but they don’t change the direction. Living is just that. To endure what may happen and protect yourself if possible, if you know how, or in the worst case scenario, if they allow it. But no matter how much you hide, all sticks hurt. they make a tooth, they leave a mark. Scars that cost more to repair each morning due to buildup. Life is movement, inactivity kills. You have to move forward. Hercules tries desperately, but can’t find a way to go straight.

from 19 June 2010 He walks in circles, dragging his feet, but remains motionless in the same spot, an initiator that dies with each failure. In twelve years, the reasons that caused the fiasco and those accused of motivating them have changed. Floating in an uninterrupted and perpetual present – revolving around the star that should return yes or yes – are circumstances and many proper names in main and secondary roles.


The train to the summit that Hercules lost forever

Today, exactly twelve years have passed since the last promotion to the First Division of Hercules. The team turned to the elite and had the opportunity to build, solidify its foundations, create a being with a life of its own, not subject to anyone’s indispensable figure, self-sufficiency, growth. Other clubs got it: Real Sociedad, Villarreal, Levante… El Hércules, no. There is no way.

And from that cloud of dust comes mud, which prevents the foundations from collapsing, on which the structure rests, on which it is necessary to stand up quickly in every new storm, which is the cost of God and helps to bring it down, evoked by a storm. house for sale or just rent.

That train of professional football passed and the blue and white team could not get on. And if he did, he didn’t want to pay for the seat, he got stuck between cars and was thrown around the first corner and landed on nobody’s land, doomed to live on assisted breathing, permanently connected to his oxygen supply.

Hercules ages badly, and with him, anyone who feels it, inside and out. The accumulation of collective and individual frustrations, accusations, accusations, political exploits, bubbling scandals, does nothing but worsen the health of a being that everyone claims to love, but the private absolute truth is, don’t contribute to killing it. Everyone acts indiscriminately for the sake of the patient, but the patient never recovers, on the contrary, he has a coffin-like face every year.


Episodes follow each other so tightly it seems like a loop

Examining the history of Hercules over the past three decades serves to understand that the club has long accumulated terrible ailments. The troubles of being come first, though it is hard to see now because of the embarrassment and depth of intimacy. Enrique Ortizlanded on Rico Pérez as a result of the sinking of a previous manager. It will be important to objectively determine how much money from the personal assets of the Ortiz family flows through SAD’s veins. It’s pure demagogy to deny that the number will be cumbersome, it’s not something that happens every summer to calculate what’s left (or what’s left) from all that investment, every time it’s time to start from scratch. . Even the exclusive use of space, historically linked to the property, awaits a judicial decision.


All efforts, including the largest, fall on deaf ears

The fact that all decisions made at the club are channeled through the figure of Enrique Ortiz connects the germ and development of each project to the emotions of the businessman who seems to take the blows naturally but is subject to moral wear and tear. I feel unfairly beaten. This causes his courage to belong to existence. The institutional crisis does not subside until the contractor recovers his spirit. For those who are bored with winning, it’s easy to guess what the effects of losing are like, because when Hercules loses, he loses many people, and people very different from each other.

Hércules, his fans, partners, staff and owners know exactly where they want to go, they are perfectly clear about what their destination should be and how important it is to get there as soon as possible. There is no edge or nuance in this. But he is drawing circles and he has to take steps forward, find a different discourse. Paquito, Sergio Fernández, Quique Hernández, Barroso, Portillo and Del Pozo At one point they saw that they were anxiously awaiting a call to unlock everything, turn on the faucet, untie their hands.

This field of uncertainty and entropy grows larger with the succession of failed projects. Paco Pena were celebrating the team’s last big success at the Welsh Stadium in Irun. Now her name sounds like she’s carrying a very overweight bag. There’s something in her favour, nothing she’ll experience can take her by surprise if she takes on this challenge…or yes, maybe one.