Luckia payment methods | Which ones will be used most in 2023?

Complete guide to Luckia payment methods. Learn how to make your deposits or withdrawals and which gateways are enabled for this.

Discover the different payment options that Luckia makes available to you. These payment gateways play a crucial role in both making deposits and requesting withdrawals. We will cover issues such as maximum and minimum limits, and explain the steps required to perform either of these two important actions.

What deposit and withdrawal methods does Luckia offer?

The Luckia betting agency is one of the most important gambling operators in Spain offering sports betting and online casino services, as well as physical betting shops located throughout Spain.

In this article we provide you with information about the deposit and withdrawal options that Luckia offers to its users, as well as the resolution of other doubts that may arise when making a deposit or withdrawal.

We will detail the different methods available, what are the minimum requirements to use them, how long it takes to complete the deposit or withdrawal process and other details to deeply understand all the possibilities that Luckia offers in this regard.

Before you can make both deposits and withdrawals, you must have pre-registered. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one via the Luckia registration code “HAPPINESS GOAL”. For more information about the operator, don’t miss our review »Luckia reviews”.

Deposit Methods

Luckia sportsbook offers the following deposit methods:

Deposits can only be made via payment methods linked to Spanish user accounts. The Luckia Cashier is exclusively available at Luckia physical gambling locations.

In this section you can check and adjust the maximum income limit [‘Mi perfil’ > ‘Ajustes de juego’> ‘Límites de depósito’].

Recording methods

Luckia sportsbook offers the following withdrawal methods:

To carry out a withdrawal, it is necessary to attach a copy of your DNI, passport or EU citizen certificate. This procedure is carried out to guarantee the identity of the user, who must be a European citizen and of legal age.

Withdrawal of the bonus balance is only possible if you meet the requirements set by the bookmaker. These special conditions are described in detail in each of the available promotions.

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