Owner Elche CF, Christian Bragarnikannounced his intention last Wednesday winter marketwhich will start on January 2It is to strengthen the squad with “three or four players” who will enable the team to make a leap in quality. Try to get promoted to the First League.

There is Elche club two free coins. Therefore, if the shareholders’ maximum demands are met, many players from the current squad will have to leave the Elche team at the conclusion of the first round of the competition.

Argentinian investor open to loaning slightly prominent players In this first division of the league. He even did not rule out the possibility of transferring some players who play regularly and whose contracts have expired.

The sports commission’s priorities are the inclusion of a striker and a winger.He is a player who can play on both sides, although he is mostly on the right.

The Franjiverde organization has a salary limit of approximately ten million euros. Only in the summer market and after the last sales 14.5 million of the existing 24 investments were investedSo he has enough cushion to strengthen the team.

This allows them to look for a midfielder with more qualities. pivot and a centerpreferably right-handed, as there is only one player on the current roster. Alex Martin And Mario Gasparthe person who plays that position.

Who will be out in January? This is a big question. To find an answer you have to look at the players who played less.

In addition to young players Rodrigo Mendoza, Adam and JohnThe player, who has not yet played his first match due to injury, was the one who played the least. Carreira played just 99 minutes in three matches. Beccacece choosing josan As a right-back and young player on loan Celtic He gets very few opportunities. In principle, his departure is not taken into account. Although the player and the Vigo club do not want to pass the field empty, they want to cut the projection.

Mario Gaspar has spent his entire career in this position and can be an alternative, especially if the right defender comes. If a winger comes, he may also have the qualities to play as a winger.

Anyway, right now Elche club does not evaluate the possibility of Carreira leaving. However, if the football player wishes and Beccacece approves, they will have no problem with cutting the loan..

Beccacece in training with his technical team on Wednesday ANTONIO AMOROS

On the defense axis Alex Martin He came this season but doesn’t play much: 5 games and 316 minutes. He signed a two-season contract, if he left it would be on loan.

Diego González He is the other least-played centre-back and his contract is expiring, so he could be knocking on the exit door.

There are up to three players on the left side: Carlos Clerc, Salinas and Lautaro Blanco. The Argentinian pilot has full confidence in Bragarnik and the team owner believes that he will go even further. But if a good offer comes, I will consider it. To make room, Salinas’ new transfer is not ignored.

Raúl Guti wanted to leave. received interest Zaragoza And Spanish. Until a month ago, he was one of the most important candidates to leave the team. It will all depend on how he recovers from his injury, his involvement and whether another midfielder arrives.

As a striker, Elche will sign a contract with a new offensive player. If Sergio León and Borja Garcés regain their form after their injuries, Mourad will be relegated as the fourth striker.Therefore, transfer may also be considered. Although the club’s intention is to continue until the end of the season, since the season is long and setbacks may occur, such as the injuries of two forwards who were called more heroes.

Elche players in training on Wednesday ANTONIO AMOROS


Player Match Minutes

Carlos Clerc 17 1.425

Áleix Febas 17 1.375

Nico Fernández 17 1,345

Tete Morente 17 1.303

Pedro Bigas 15 1.233

Josan Ferrández 15 1,112

Mario Gaspar 13 1,132

Miguel San Roman 10 900

Fidel Chaves 14 861

Nico Castro 15 816

Oscar Plano 17 794

Murad El Ghezouani 13 702

Edgar Badia 7 680

Sergio Leon 9 471

Raúl Guti 10 375

Diego González 5 340

Cristian Salvador 13 323

Lautaro Blanco 9 320

Álex Martin 5 316

José Salinas 7 310

Borja Garces 8 260

Sergio Carreira’s 3 99

Rodrigo Mendoza 4 69

AdamBoayar 3 14

John Chetauya 0 0